April 19, 2014

{Polish} Bliss Polish Bottle Service and VIP

Tomorrow is Easter and I had great intentions on having some cute little pastel bunnies and eggs up for you all to gawk over but I'm just not in the mood for nail art lately. What I do have for you is equally as great and my first encounter with indie brand Bliss Polish. Without further ado, here's Bottle Service and VIP! Yes, I chose them solely off the names! *cue ratchet music* I mean what's a VIP section without Bottle Service duhhh? Perfect for the weekend right?? Ha! More pics and my review after the break.

April 14, 2014

{Review} Tone Up and Touch Yourself

Some products give you the propensity to touch yourself, repeatedly! Tone Petal Soft Body Wash in Pink Peony and Rose Oil is one of those. 
I used Tone years ago because it was affordable and effective. When I became a little less stingy I opted for another brand that gave a little more hydration. Someone at Tone got the memo and they got it right! My skin is soft to touch and hydrated. The smell can be overpowering if your don't care for floral smells but I thought it was such the right touch.
I've got three reasons why I fell in love with this body wash.
  1. It's a body wash
  2. It doubles as a great barrier for shaving when you've run out of cream (trust me on this o_O)
  3. It triples as a great bubble bath 
The thickness of the body wash served as great bath solution that left our whole upstairs smelling like a florist. Don't expect champagne bubbles, but you will get a few. The aroma is so relaxing so the heck with bubbles (in my humble opinion).

On top of all those qualities, Tone remains affordable retailing at about $2.99! The only downside is it's not consistently stocked at one store. So if you get used to a fragrance it may be here today, gone tomorrow. Thank you to BzzAgent for reuniting me with the Tone brand.

Disclaimer: products sent for personal use and optional review. All opinions herein are my own

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April 11, 2014

{Polish} Franken Friday

Hello Friday, I've missed you and I welcome you with open arms!!!! What day is it???? FRANKEN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! This week I came up with something a little softer. I wanted a palette cleanser but still a pop of glitter.

March 30, 2014

{Polish} Essie 2014 She Said Yes Wedding Collection

I'm loving the soft colors of spring. Essie's 2014 She Said Yes Wedding Collection is no different and right now on Cut and Blow you can get the entire collection for $22 or $5.50 each. Essie retails for $8 at my local Target so who doesn't love a deal right? Click HERE to be directed to Cut and Blow. 

Tomorrow is Monday, love it, live it, embrace it!

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March 28, 2014

{Polish} Franken Friday

Do you ever get in the mood to shop but just can't find the right item when you look? This has been the story of my life lately with nail polish. I really love to support indie polish makers, but nothing has just wow'd me lately. Can't find it, CREATE it!!! It's been a while since I've created my own polish but this turned out pretty decent for a hiatus! 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!!!

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March 27, 2014

{Polish} I Love Nail Polish: Mutagen

Happy Friday Eve! It's been a while since I've posted but today I just wanted to do a quick post as I prepare to change the polish I've been wearing over the past 3 days. Indie maker, I Love Nail Polish, came out with a multichrome collection toward the end of summer/early fall! I picked up 3 at that time and threw up a few swatches on my Instagram. If you are a fan of multichromes, you NEED these. More pics after the jump.